CurbFest! Virtually a Great Success!

We had 25 Miracle Mile area businesses participate by giving us either a video and/or photos of their store/business/salon and we featured them one-by-one (posting every 3 – 5 minutes) during our event, which was on Facebook May 15th.  There were also fun Rfd Trivia questions for entertainment value.

Miracle Mile purchased gift certificates from each business and created 10 Miracle Mile Shopping Experience packages that attendees of the event could win by Liking, Commenting, and/or Sharing posts. Each package contained 11-12 gift certificates with a value between $175 – $200.  Each store post gave shoppers instructions on how to place an order if they saw something they liked. Then Saturday, they could pick up their purchase, CurbSide! We invited a couple food trucks to park on Saturday.

There were over 100 people who were eligible for the prizes. Every person that won had a huge smile on their face and LOVED following along during the event. Each one said they learned about several shops and businesses they didn’t know about. Now those 10 people will tell all their friends! PLUS, they will be back to those 11-12 shops to spend their gift certificates!



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