Upper Cervical

16th Annual Neighborhood Clean up Day

a Huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out to help us pick up trash along Keith Creek, East State Street, Dahlquist Park, and the tree line behind the old strip mall/Magna shopping center.  We had 19 volunteers, who picked up about 30 bags of trash including a laundry basket, a couple small tables and a flower pot.  It warms my heart that most of you stayed even though it rained off and on. The new breakfast cookie provided by Mary’s Market Cafe & Bakery was delicious and the fruit provided by Upper Cervical Care Center was a refreshing treat.  Thanks Dr Schalow and your team for hosting us this year.  


Photos (L-R) Karleene Hagerman, handling registration. Randy T and Dr D with their interesting finds, a happy volunteer, and Tom & Dawn Blomgren clearing the creek of trash. Wish I had gotten photos of all our volunteers, but thank you all from the bottom of my heart!  Paula Olson, Executive Director MMR



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